Program LTAS 2018 (tentative)

Program LTAS 2018 (tentative)2018-12-03T06:40:04+00:00

Wednesday December 5, 2018



Thursday December 6, 2018

8:15 Registration and Coffee
8:45 LTAS organizing team: Welcome & introduction importance literature review for research
9:00 Testimonials: literature review strategies

  • starting PhD student: how to start?
  • assistant professor: literature review as PhD investment
  • full professor/editor: importance of literature review for publication
9:45 Workshop I: qualititative literature review strategies (content analysis) – theory
11:00 BREAK
11:30 Workshop I: qualititative literature review strategies (content analysis) – exercise
12:45 LUNCH


14:00 Workshop II: quantitative literature review strategies (meta-analysis) – theory
15:15 BREAK
15:45 Workshop II: quantitative literature review strategies (meta-analysis) – exercise
17:00 LTAS organizing team: final notes


Friday December 7, 2018

9:00 What editors are looking for: the JOSM perspective
9:10 Systematic literature review – theory
10:00 Kick-off coached literature review projects

  1. delineate research topic (cf. zooming in – zooming out)
  2. crafting a literature search string
11:00 BREAK
11:30 Coached literature review project

  1. selecting literature based upon literature search string
  2. reflect upon literature review strategy (cf. quantitative – qualitative)
12:30 LUNCH


14:00 Coached literature review project

  1. finalization literature review strategy
  2. preparation for presentation literature review project
15:30 BREAK
16:00 Presentations literature review project
18:00 LTAS organizing team: closing + CLOSING RECEPTION

Keynote Speakers

Mike Brady
Melissa De Regge
Jay Kandampully
Chiara Orsingher
Katrien Verleye
Yves Van Vaerenbergh
Nicola Bilstein

Academic Coaches

Katrien Verleye
Mirella Kleijnen
Yves Van Vaerenbergh
Allard van Riel
Arne De Keyser
Dominik Mahr
Linda Nasr
Sandra Streukens
Simon Hazée
Chiara Orsingher
Nicola Bilstein
Alex Henkel
Kristina Heinonen
Sara Leroi-Werelds
Robert Ciuchita
Werner Kunz
Thomas Leclercq

DUO of Coaches Proposed Topic
1. Katrien and Nicola Third Party Participation/Engagement
2. Mirella and Allard Sustainability in service
3. Dominik and Sara Healthcare Technology
4. Sertan and Linda TSR and service inclusion
5. Yves and Chiara Customer-Employee Relationships (rapport)
6. Werner and Kristina Smart Services
7. Alex and Sandra Service Employees – Robotics Added
8. Arne and Simon Service Recovery
9. Robert and Thomas Gamification
10. Jay and Mike Will serve as “flying” coaches, and give input to all teams during the second day, in line with previous editions