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The Let’s Talk About Service (LTAS) conference was founded in 2012 by Prof. Hammedi (University of Namur), Prof. Lievens (Antwerp University), and Prof. Larivière (KU Leuven). For the fifth edition, we welcomed Sertan Kabadayi to the team (Fordham University) who hosted the anniversary edition in New York.

LTAS aims to introduce young scholars to the wonderful world of service research and to guide them through their journey in academia. This initiative is unique in its kind since our target audience is the new generation of service researchers, including both PhD students and junior faculty. For each edition, a workshop on a particular emerging topic is selected and participants have a chance to learn something new regarding research and publication in the field of services. This year’s theme will be “Achieving Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Service.

We are very grateful to the wonderful keynote speakers, participants and academic coaches that shaped LTAS to what it is today. We are also very proud that LTAS is empowered and supported by AMA SERVSIG.


Linda Alkire – Texas State University
Mike Brady – Florida State University, and Editor, Journal of Service Research
Raymond Fisk – Texas State University
Jay Kandampully – The Ohio State University, and Editor, Journal of Service Management
Martin Mende – Florida State University
Stephanie M. Noble – University of Tennessee
Mark Rosenbaum – University of South Carolina, and Co-Editor, Journal of Services Marketing
Maura Scott – Florida State University
Mahesh Subramony – Northern Illinois University