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The Let’s Talk About Service (LTAS) conference was founded in 2012 by Prof. Hammedi (University of Namur), Prof. Lievens (Antwerp University), and Prof. Larivière (Ghent University). For the fifth edition, we welcomed Sertan Kabadayi to the team (Fordham University) who hosted the anniversary edition in New York.

We are very grateful to the wonderful keynote speakers, participants and academic coaches that shaped LTAS to what it is today. We are also very proud that LTAS is empowered and supported by AMA SERVSIG.

Why you should attend:

Our ambition was and still is to guide young scholars through their academic journey, from fresh PhD Students to early career starters, by offering them tailor-made workshops that are relevant for their careers.

Each year is organised around a specific theme. This year’s theme is: “Smart Use of the Extant Literature” by means of (1) two hands-on workshops about meta-analysis and content analysis, which are respectively a quantitative and qualitative method to handle the extant literature, (2) insights and take-aways from journal editors and peers who will share their lessons learned along their academic journeys, and (3) coached literature review projects in which participants will be divided into small groups and they will be coached by senior scholars and academic mentors, and will start working on a topic of mutual interest from the service management literature that will be assigned prior to the meeting.

We are delighted to be able to confirm that papers emerging from the workshop will be considered for publication in the prestigious Journal of Service Management (one-year impact factor of 3.414, ranked # 44/209 in the Management category).

Read the testimonials and find some pictures to learn about the last three editions of LTAS in Fordham, Namur and Antwerp.